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We would like to thank everyone who has helped and supported us over the years, we would not be where we are today without your support. To allyou that always donate kits toour athletes,our monthly doners and our fans. Thank you very much!


Runacademy is a company with a big heart  and great corporate social responsibility. 

Once again they have given us the trust and support so that we can keep helping the #unprelevieged young #talented athletes in uganda, so that they can focus on training instead of focusing on financial hurdles. They have also choosen to give extra support to one of our young talented athletes Oscar Niyonzima 16 years old, so that he can keep lower his times and hopefully turn into a world-class athlete in the future. He lowered his personal best time from 15.19 in 5km to 14.04 and from 31.15 to 30.14min in the 10km.
He qualified for the world under 20 Championship, but was 3rd inte Country only 2 athletes could go.

Thank you so much Runacademy for believing in us and having a longterm #sustainble #support strategy so that we can keep doing what we do best, helping great talent become world- class. 

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Thank you SO much Primerose Ulegård for your generosity if it wasn’t for faithful supporters like you, we wouldn’t exist. So thank you for supplying the funds we need to keep... providing necessary support for selected unpriveliged talented young athletes so they can harness their talents, realise their full potential and use athletics to give themselves a brighter future.
Thank you for helping great talent become world 

About LoCa Consulting AB
”LoCa Consulting AB is a small company which specialize in project-leadership and engineering consulting. The company supplies services and products nationally and internationally.
With an innovative and a burning interest in technology development, the company has contracts with both the Swedish Traffic Administration at Stockholm County Council and for the American transport sector.
LoCa Consulting AB finds interest in participating and contributions to the project. With our sponsorship, we hope to enable a brighter existence and create sporting opportunities for unpriveliged young talented athletes who need support to get a brighter future thru athletics. This is in line with LoCa Consulting AB's focus, ideas and values.
Kind regards, 
Primrose Ulegård
CEO, LoCa Consulting AB ”

LoCa Consulting AB


Nextlevelrunning (NLR) taking The UAFA Long distance athletes to the next level. 

It is with great pleasure to be able to present our new partner NLR, which is situated in Stockholm, owned by former Swedish National Team Runner and professional Track & Field Coach Tor Pöllänen.


Coach Tor will be doing scheduling trainingprograms for the 400m runners, the Middle Distance Runners as well as the Long  Distance runners. 

The UAFA together with coach believe in a well-balanced training set-up with a lots of quality and speed rather than just trying to squeeze in as many workouts as humanly possible in a week. 

Our goal is to practice hard BUT smart so that the athletes can have a long-term and sustainable development of their  talent and hopefully increase their chances of becoming world-class athletes one day . Thank you for helping great talent become world-class 

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Next Level Running


We are so thankful to have the best chiropractor in Stockholm onboard even this season. Thank you very much for the support you gave us last season and thank you for continuous the support coming season. 

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Salov Kiropraktik

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