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Fundraise for UAFA

Through the fundraising with our head-sponsor @runacademy and their core-challenge these last weeks we have riased more money than we thought possible, a huge thank you to all those who have contributed! The money will make a huge difference to the athletes in our camps who are struggling during the pandemic. To all those who have donated, your money will help our athletes so that they can focus 100% on training instead of focusing on financial hurdles like not have to worry about where they will sleep, when they will have enough to eat, if they will be able to get new shoes when their worn ones can't keep up any more and if they will transportation and accommodation during competitions. Now we can look at the 2021 season with a new set of eyes and hope in our hearts.

Thank you Petra, Runacademy and to everyone that have made a donation through the Runacademy core-challenge 2021

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